Special thanks to the following businesses and individuals who have donated goods or services to this year’s event

Herbal Sage Tea Company 

Gourmet Your Way   



Blue Rock Station          

Copper Top Inn         

Lake Hope Lodge Dining   

Snowville Creamery    

Stuart’s Opera House    

Dancing Tree Distillery    

Sunday Creek Watershed 

Adventures On The Gorge 

Uncle Buck’s

Kelly Sauber

John Burns

Jay and Annie Warmke

Vibert and Pat Cambridge

Diane Osgood

Ed Pauley

Richard Syracuse

Kuhres, Flournoy, Eland and Haseley Families

Sue and Alan Boyd

Paul and Kathy Knoop

Bob Eichenburg

Dan Weber

Greg Kessler

Heike Perko

Linda Cochran

Michelle and Geoff Greenfield

Dick McGinn

Chip Carroll

Willem Roosenburg and Kate Kelly

Susan Mitchell

Mary Kramer and Pete Woyar

Susan Roth

Ann Brown

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